How Do I know If My New Home Has Bed Bugs?

There is nothing like your first night in a new house or apartment. That is, of course, after you have unpacked and organized all of your belongings. The question remains though: Have you checked for those creepy critters called bedbugs?

Now more than ever, new renters and homeowners are becoming more and more concerned with the history of bedbug infestations within their new home. Not all landlords and homeowners share if they have or had a bedbug infestation in the past with prospective buyers or renters. Additionally, the current owner or landlord might not be aware that they currently have a bedbug infestation.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure you are not moving into an infested apartment or home:

1. Call your local, non-emergency information hotline to find out what the laws in your state are regarding tenant notification of current and previous bedbug infestations within your building and apartment.

2. Conduct a pre-purchase or rental bedbug canine inspection. For decades we have worried about termites in our homes. Now you can get the same reassurance by eradicating your house or apartment of bedbugs prior to moving in. Be sure this inspection is conducted before you move to save you time, money, and a huge hassle.

3. Before moving into your new apartment, speak with management and ask how they handle infestations within the building. Do your research online to find out if the building has been previously infested by reading tenant reviews.

4. Don’t be shy! Introduce yourself to your neighbors and get the inside scoop on the building.

5. Remove outlet covers and check for any insects, black feces markings, or pesticide dust that might tell you there was a previous issue (most pesticides dust that is used for Bed Bugs looks similar to cooking flour).

6. Don’t be fooled — Freshly-painted walls and refinished floors will not rid your apartment or home of bedbugs if they are currently living there.

7. Purchase mattress and box-spring encasements, as well as cut down on clutter within your apartment or home. It’s best to keep items out from under your bed, where bedbugs can easily hide.

8. If you are using a moving company, ask it what steps it takes to ensure the truck is bedbug free before loading your belongings. You can even have the truck inspected by a bedbugs-sniffing canine prior to the moving company visiting your home or apartment.

9. Try your best to not bring secondhand or used items into your home. If you must have that item, utilize a bedbug barrier spray on the item prior to bringing it inside.

10. Keep your eyes out while touring a new home or apartment for any telltale signs of having bedbugs. To learn more about obvious signs, check out this article about identifying bedbugs.

Lastly, take a deep breath. Moving can be stressful, but if you keep this list in mind, you’ll be ahead of the game. Remember that while this might seem like another task to add to your moving checklist, doing your due diligence will allow you to sleep tight. And of course, don’t let the bedbugs bite.

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I Found Bed Bugs in My Car!

Findings #BedBugs anyplace can drive your blood pressure through the roof.  Finding them in your car, well, you could understand how that might just send you over the edge.

Our automobile is a forgotten area that a lot of our clients are even surprised when we suggest inspecting prior to diagnosing their level of infestation.

We spend a lot of time traveling to and from work, errands, and social events. Cars are an area that must be looked at in order to keep you bed bug free and also eradicate an  infestation. The last thing you want to do is have a thriving issue in your vehicle and reinfect your home.

Keep the following  #BedBugTips in mind:

*If you use your car for work and keep toys, books, supplies, inside of your vehicle try and isolate these items in bins or enclosed zippered bags.  Isolating them into bins can assist you in finding something before it gets lost in your car.  An issue in a bag or bin is far easier to take care of then having to worry about your entire vehicle.

*Minimize what it is you bring into your clients home.  Only bring in what is necessary.

*Keep your automobile clean and free of clutter.  That goes for the trunk too.  :)

*Vacuum your car on the regular. Especially after driving around with friends and family.  A Clean environment helps in eradicating an infestation faster than a cluttered and dirty area.

*Using a water/rubbing alcohol mixture on your cushions and floor after vacuuming will assist in disrupting anything that might be hiding and can also act as a contact killer when   saturating an insect.

*Inspect your car a handful of times per year.  It won’t hurt to be on top of things. Take a look at GotchA! Owner, Michael Colongione showing you how to inspect your vehicle

*If you go shopping always best to keep bags in the trunk and I bring up the bin method again.  Containment is always best.

Now, I don’t want to feed into hysteria as a vehicle is just one of the areas that a problem can fester but taking a proactive approach is far better then being forced to be reactive. Every little bit help.

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GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors
GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors  is proud to announce a great way to get in touch for all of your pest control needs.  Clients can speak with  a client care specialist 24/7 , 365 days a year.

Our  toll-free number is 1-855-GO-GOTCHA.

GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors offers clients trustworthy, professional, affordable, and fast solutions to their current issue.  We take into consideration the psychological factors associated with having a Bed Bug infestation.  We like to say that we move in while you’re going through your inspection, treatment, and follow-up appointments.   The truth of the matter is getting through a Bed Bug problem requires a partnership. We provide 24/7 live assistance to answer any and all question you might have, even at 2am.  We are available 24/7, 365 Days a year.

GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors. services the New York Tri-State Area.  Including New York City (All Boroughs), #Brooklyn, #Bronx, #Queens,  Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk),  Rockland County, #Westchester County, & #StatenIsland.

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Going Out #Tonight With #BedBugs ?

It’s Friday night and the end of a long work week.  For some it’s a three day weekend with  St. Patrick’s day just around the corner.  Enjoy your weekend and keep in mind these Bed Bug  Tips.

1. Minimize what you bring out with you.  If you don’t need to bring a coat, don’t.   Checking your coat in a room full of jackets isn’t something we do unless it is very necessary.  Always check your jacket before placing it back into your home.

2.  Sleeping out?  Bring a bag with you that you can easily drop off at the laundromat or dry cleaners on your way home.    Include all of your pajamas and anything you don’t need.  Staying over a friend or partners house for the night is one of the top reasons people get Bed Bugs.  They are natural hitchhikers. Let them take a ride to the cleaners instead of your house.


3.  Don’t place your pocketbook or bag on the floor, under your table, or on a chair next to you.  Its best to hang your bag on a table bag hook or over the back of your chair.  Staying away from the fabric areas won’t be 100% way to keep you safe, but staying proactive is a step in the right direction.


4.  Taking public transportation?  Keep your bag on your lap and not on the floor or under your seat.  In New York we sometimes ride the subway shoulder to shoulder,  don’t give a Bed Bug a bridge to your clothing.


Bottom line is we all have a friend or co-worker who has had them. Some of you reading this might have gone through a BedBug infestation yourself.  The key is to be aware and modify at least some of the ways we interact with the places we go and the people we interact with.   Try your best to be proactive and minimize your risk.

Stay Educated!

Stay Bed Bug Free!

If you should have a question please free to give us a call.


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“I think I have Bed Bugs” – This is going to be a Disaster!

Having Bed Bugs is a very stressful situation but you can minimize that stress by being prepared and following some of our helpful hints

1. Hire the right company.  Make sure to call different companies and compare.  Ask questions too.  Making sure you choose the correct company for you is very important in staying stress free.


2.  Follow all the necessary #preparation steps.  Your #pest control company should supply you with a list of steps that need to be completed prior to your first #treatment visit.  (Clean under beds, throwout any items you don’t want etc.)


3.   Wash and Dry your clothing .  This is an issue that you want to take the nesssary steps to help from the start. Take the precaution of washing and drying all clothing in rooms where there is an issue.  Keep cleaned items bagged till after all treatments.


4.  Don’t try and treat your apartment yourself.  You called a company and allow them to do their job.  Ridding someones home of Bed Bugs could take several visits.  Make sure they are using residual products and always include a follow up visit.  Don’t mix any over the counter sprays you can purchase (they don’t work) while under treatment either. Its a recipe that companies use. You don’t want to mix ingredients.


5.  Get a warranty.   If for any reason the company does need to come back a third or fourth time you are covered.  Remember your company needs to guarantee they will get rid of 100% of your problem.  They need to be with you till the end. This must be understood when discussing when the warranty starts. Does it start when their service starts or after they have rid your home of Bed Bugs. With a legit company the latter should be true.


It will never be easy to have Bed Bugs but you can be ready if you sadly find yourself fending them off.

Remember, take a deep breath, you will get through. Select the RIGHT company for the RIGHT reasons.

Good Luck and Let us know if you should need anything.

We are always here to help.


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What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Our Clients have so many questions when we first speak.  They come armed with #knowledge from many different sources. Some come knowing the facts.  Others come to find that most of the  internet, “experts’ are full of Bed Bug poop!

Here are some of the most commonly passed around Bed Bug #Myths passed around the internet:

1.  Placing your clothing in garbage bags and placing them in your garage be it cold or hot will do nothing to ensure you will become #bedbug free.


2.  Dryer sheets my make you feel like your sleeping on the beach but they won’t keep Bed Bugs away (or kill them).


3.  Moths balls not only SMELL horribly but they are also harmful to children. Unfortunately they are not a weapon in fending off bed bugs.


4.  Stocking up on Ivory soap.  Bars of Soap placed in and around your #bed won’t keep them away either.


5.   I pop my popcorn in my microwave and kill bed bugs in there too.  DON’T DO THIS! Please promise you won’t try to put your favorite pocketbook in your microwave.

Some of these do it yourself remedies listed might sound funny but they are all currently being offered as advice on the world wide web.  My grandmother always used to say to me, “do it correct the first time or you will have to do it again”.  This never is more truthful now.  Seek advice from a trusted source.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us at anytime.  We are always here to help.

Stay Educated and Stay Bed Bug Free!



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I’m Getting Bed Bug Bites !

‘Is it normal to still see #BedBugs and receive Bed Bug #bites after my 1st treatment?

In most cases, yes, it is normal and typical to receive bites and even see Bed Bugs throughout #treatment.

Remember Bed Bug bites can take days to show up.  You might wake up with new bites after treatment but they may not have occurred the night before.

Even if you do wake up with bites it is still normal to see them until your #pestcontrol company confirms that your problem has been solved.

In regards to seeing Bed Bugs,  they are not a once and done process. You will at least need a follow up service and inspection to verify that everything has been eradicated.

The #eradication process and the #\treatment you receive effect how long you will be dealing with these little #pests.

Stay Educated!


Do I have to Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment?

 I have to #Prepare for BedBug #Treatment ?

We always say properly preparing your home for Bed Bug treatment is key to becoming Bed Bug free.

Always check with your #PestControl company on what they require for preparation.

We here at offer preparation services for those who are looking for an affordable alternative to preparing your home yourself.

If you do plan to prepare you place yourself  keep in mind the following #tips:

1.  Purchase large heavy duty contractor bags.  Double bag them if you have to.  You will need a lot of them.  You can use oversized sealed clear bags as well (costly alternative).  Do not buy bins as they don’t offer a complete seal at the top.  You can also cancel out packing your garbage bags to the top.  Leave room so you can properly close the top of the bags.

2.  Bag up your clothing in your closets and draws. Properly label so you stay organized. You want treatment to be applied to all those cracks and crevices that your clothing, shoes, and bags will hide.

3.  Take a DEEP breath.  You want to do this RIGHT the FIRST TIME.  Stress will come along with having Bed Bugs but you want to be able to make all of this manageable.

4.  Bag up any items you no longer need and toss them.  Clearing your home of any clutter that is around is a great idea.  This is the time to grab a garbage bag and walk through you home discarding any newspapers, magazines, books, shoeboxes, etc..

5.  If you have any items under your bed, please remove them and do the keep it or trash it method.  Once you’ve decided what you will keep place items in  garbage bag and leave them in a safe place until treatment is finalized.

6.  Vacuum your home and discard the vacuum bag into a garbage bag, close tight, and place in an exterior receptacle.

These are just a few of the steps we recommend to assist you in properly preparing your home for treatment.   love to hide in dark, hard to reach places.  Set yourself up for success and prepare as best as you can.

Have a  ? Give Us A Call, Email, or Comment.



How Do I Pick A Bed Bug Exterminator ?

How do I choose an Exterminator?

Choosing a #company to work with to eradicate a terrible issue you are having could be stressful.  Take a look at some of our tips that will help guide you towards a great partnership.

1.  Do they answer all of your questions and take the time to value your phone call?

2.  Are they offering a full service plan – does your service package come with a warranty?

3.  Are they pushing your for a sale or are they educating you on how they will assist you?

4.  Is the price right?  #Cost is a consideration for all of us but it truly should be lower on your checklist.

We see this happen all the time.  When a #client goes for the cheapest company and doesn’t receive the results they are looking for.  You are not only out of the #money you paid the first #exterminator but the second one comes at a higher cost.

5.  Call around and get a feel for what services are offered for your type of issue.

6.  Are they licensed and insured?

7.  Are they open to #share the names of the products they will be using?

Always go with your gut – you are inviting someone into your home. Treat this choice with the respect it deserves.

These are just a few – feel free to reach out if you should have a question.

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GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors Round Up the Accolades

There is no greater compliment and sure sign of success, for a business owner, than the excellent raves and reviews from his clientele, except perhaps, being featured by a nationally known news source.GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors, on the other hand, has gained acknowledgement and critical acclaim from TWO national media sources, Fox 5 News and the Huffington Post. President and owner of GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors, Michael Colongione, was interviewed by both media sources, in the past, as an expert in everything bed bug. To further legitimize the company, displaying GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors as the top choice for bed bug help for the residents of New York’s five boroughs, Colongione was also selected to be a spokesperson for renowned product.

Pronto Plus, part of Insight Pharmaceuticals, LLC. selected Michael Colongione as its spokesperson for their line of products back in 2010. Pronto Plus is a retail company with a line of products that are designed to help rid the home and any other area of bedbugs. The products are were created for the everyday homeowner, who deals with everyday problems and needs a quick, easy solution to keeping pesky bedbugs out of the home, the bed, and clothes. Representing the company, Michael Colongione was selected based on his outstanding expertise on bed bug prevention and extermination.

Around the same time, Colongione was featured in article in the Huffington Post, in September of 2010. The Huffington Post article highlights the simple fact that regardless of where one shops or what class a person is, bed bugs have no biases and can attack anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. Michael Colongione comes into play as the expert and answer-man, as he was presented with 10 scenarios, such as getting bed bugs from coworkers, the mail, and restaurants, and answered the presented questions surrounding bed bugs and how to deal with the issue at hand. Colongione discusses and clarifies common misconceptions people often have regarding the topic(s), as well.

The very next month, October of 2010, Colongione and GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors were featured in an AOL Small Business article about bed bugs and traveling. Here, the bed bug expert provides readers and travelers, alike, with common mistakes travelers or vacationers make in hotel rooms that could result in transferring bed bugs, as well as five easy steps to bed bug prevention, while traveling.

To top it all off, this bed bug expert and his ever-growing reputation were put center stage as Colongione was interviewed on national television for Fox 5 News in July of 2011. This segment, which is accessible on the company website focuses in on a different audience (or host) than usual – college students. Colongione confidently discusses with the reporter what college students, and their parents, should look for when returning to college. He also explains the best preventative measures to use, such as examining all of the cracks and crevices in closets, on beds, and bed frames, as well as using the at home product Pronto Plus, While these accolades may have been accumulated in the past, no competing company holds a flame to Michael Colongione’s knowledge and expertise. Having been featured in several articles, on a national news show, and with such a prestigious role as a spokesperson for a product, they all mean only one thing. New Yorkers are privy to accessing one of the leading experts in the field. Now, a couple of years later, Colongione and the other experts at GotchA! Bed Bugs Inspectors have even more experience under their belt and are the best of the best.