Do I have to Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment?

 I have to #Prepare for BedBug #Treatment ?

We always say properly preparing your home for Bed Bug treatment is key to becoming Bed Bug free.

Always check with your #PestControl company on what they require for preparation.

We here at offer preparation services for those who are looking for an affordable alternative to preparing your home yourself.

If you do plan to prepare you place yourself  keep in mind the following #tips:

1.  Purchase large heavy duty contractor bags.  Double bag them if you have to.  You will need a lot of them.  You can use oversized sealed clear bags as well (costly alternative).  Do not buy bins as they don’t offer a complete seal at the top.  You can also cancel out packing your garbage bags to the top.  Leave room so you can properly close the top of the bags.

2.  Bag up your clothing in your closets and draws. Properly label so you stay organized. You want treatment to be applied to all those cracks and crevices that your clothing, shoes, and bags will hide.

3.  Take a DEEP breath.  You want to do this RIGHT the FIRST TIME.  Stress will come along with having Bed Bugs but you want to be able to make all of this manageable.

4.  Bag up any items you no longer need and toss them.  Clearing your home of any clutter that is around is a great idea.  This is the time to grab a garbage bag and walk through you home discarding any newspapers, magazines, books, shoeboxes, etc..

5.  If you have any items under your bed, please remove them and do the keep it or trash it method.  Once you’ve decided what you will keep place items in  garbage bag and leave them in a safe place until treatment is finalized.

6.  Vacuum your home and discard the vacuum bag into a garbage bag, close tight, and place in an exterior receptacle.

These are just a few of the steps we recommend to assist you in properly preparing your home for treatment.   love to hide in dark, hard to reach places.  Set yourself up for success and prepare as best as you can.

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