Going Out #Tonight With #BedBugs ?

It’s Friday night and the end of a long work week.  For some it’s a three day weekend with  St. Patrick’s day just around the corner.  Enjoy your weekend and keep in mind these Bed Bug  Tips.

1. Minimize what you bring out with you.  If you don’t need to bring a coat, don’t.   Checking your coat in a room full of jackets isn’t something we do unless it is very necessary.  Always check your jacket before placing it back into your home.

2.  Sleeping out?  Bring a bag with you that you can easily drop off at the laundromat or dry cleaners on your way home.    Include all of your pajamas and anything you don’t need.  Staying over a friend or partners house for the night is one of the top reasons people get Bed Bugs.  They are natural hitchhikers. Let them take a ride to the cleaners instead of your house.


3.  Don’t place your pocketbook or bag on the floor, under your table, or on a chair next to you.  Its best to hang your bag on a table bag hook or over the back of your chair.  Staying away from the fabric areas won’t be 100% way to keep you safe, but staying proactive is a step in the right direction.


4.  Taking public transportation?  Keep your bag on your lap and not on the floor or under your seat.  In New York we sometimes ride the subway shoulder to shoulder,  don’t give a Bed Bug a bridge to your clothing.


Bottom line is we all have a friend or co-worker who has had them. Some of you reading this might have gone through a BedBug infestation yourself.  The key is to be aware and modify at least some of the ways we interact with the places we go and the people we interact with.   Try your best to be proactive and minimize your risk.

Stay Educated!

Stay Bed Bug Free!

If you should have a question please free to give us a call.


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