GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors Round Up the Accolades

There is no greater compliment and sure sign of success, for a business owner, than the excellent raves and reviews from his clientele, except perhaps, being featured by a nationally known news source.GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors, on the other hand, has gained acknowledgement and critical acclaim from TWO national media sources, Fox 5 News and the Huffington Post. President and owner of GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors, Michael Colongione, was interviewed by both media sources, in the past, as an expert in everything bed bug. To further legitimize the company, displaying GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors as the top choice for bed bug help for the residents of New York’s five boroughs, Colongione was also selected to be a spokesperson for renowned product.

Pronto Plus, part of Insight Pharmaceuticals, LLC. selected Michael Colongione as its spokesperson for their line of products back in 2010. Pronto Plus is a retail company with a line of products that are designed to help rid the home and any other area of bedbugs. The products are were created for the everyday homeowner, who deals with everyday problems and needs a quick, easy solution to keeping pesky bedbugs out of the home, the bed, and clothes. Representing the company, Michael Colongione was selected based on his outstanding expertise on bed bug prevention and extermination.

Around the same time, Colongione was featured in article in the Huffington Post, in September of 2010. The Huffington Post article highlights the simple fact that regardless of where one shops or what class a person is, bed bugs have no biases and can attack anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. Michael Colongione comes into play as the expert and answer-man, as he was presented with 10 scenarios, such as getting bed bugs from coworkers, the mail, and restaurants, and answered the presented questions surrounding bed bugs and how to deal with the issue at hand. Colongione discusses and clarifies common misconceptions people often have regarding the topic(s), as well.

The very next month, October of 2010, Colongione and GotchA! Bed Bug Inspectors were featured in an AOL Small Business article about bed bugs and traveling. Here, the bed bug expert provides readers and travelers, alike, with common mistakes travelers or vacationers make in hotel rooms that could result in transferring bed bugs, as well as five easy steps to bed bug prevention, while traveling.

To top it all off, this bed bug expert and his ever-growing reputation were put center stage as Colongione was interviewed on national television for Fox 5 News in July of 2011. This segment, which is accessible on the company website focuses in on a different audience (or host) than usual – college students. Colongione confidently discusses with the reporter what college students, and their parents, should look for when returning to college. He also explains the best preventative measures to use, such as examining all of the cracks and crevices in closets, on beds, and bed frames, as well as using the at home product Pronto Plus, While these accolades may have been accumulated in the past, no competing company holds a flame to Michael Colongione’s knowledge and expertise. Having been featured in several articles, on a national news show, and with such a prestigious role as a spokesperson for a product, they all mean only one thing. New Yorkers are privy to accessing one of the leading experts in the field. Now, a couple of years later, Colongione and the other experts at GotchA! Bed Bugs Inspectors have even more experience under their belt and are the best of the best.

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