How Do I Pick A Bed Bug Exterminator ?

How do I choose an Exterminator?

Choosing a #company to work with to eradicate a terrible issue you are having could be stressful.  Take a look at some of our tips that will help guide you towards a great partnership.

1.  Do they answer all of your questions and take the time to value your phone call?

2.  Are they offering a full service plan – does your service package come with a warranty?

3.  Are they pushing your for a sale or are they educating you on how they will assist you?

4.  Is the price right?  #Cost is a consideration for all of us but it truly should be lower on your checklist.

We see this happen all the time.  When a #client goes for the cheapest company and doesn’t receive the results they are looking for.  You are not only out of the #money you paid the first #exterminator but the second one comes at a higher cost.

5.  Call around and get a feel for what services are offered for your type of issue.

6.  Are they licensed and insured?

7.  Are they open to #share the names of the products they will be using?

Always go with your gut – you are inviting someone into your home. Treat this choice with the respect it deserves.

These are just a few – feel free to reach out if you should have a question.

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