“I think I have Bed Bugs” – This is going to be a Disaster!

Having Bed Bugs is a very stressful situation but you can minimize that stress by being prepared and following some of our helpful hints

1. Hire the right company.  Make sure to call different companies and compare.  Ask questions too.  Making sure you choose the correct company for you is very important in staying stress free.


2.  Follow all the necessary #preparation steps.  Your #pest control company should supply you with a list of steps that need to be completed prior to your first #treatment visit.  (Clean under beds, throwout any items you don’t want etc.)


3.   Wash and Dry your clothing .  This is an issue that you want to take the nesssary steps to help from the start. Take the precaution of washing and drying all clothing in rooms where there is an issue.  Keep cleaned items bagged till after all treatments.


4.  Don’t try and treat your apartment yourself.  You called a company and allow them to do their job.  Ridding someones home of Bed Bugs could take several visits.  Make sure they are using residual products and always include a follow up visit.  Don’t mix any over the counter sprays you can purchase (they don’t work) while under treatment either. Its a recipe that companies use. You don’t want to mix ingredients.


5.  Get a warranty.   If for any reason the company does need to come back a third or fourth time you are covered.  Remember your company needs to guarantee they will get rid of 100% of your problem.  They need to be with you till the end. This must be understood when discussing when the warranty starts. Does it start when their service starts or after they have rid your home of Bed Bugs. With a legit company the latter should be true.


It will never be easy to have Bed Bugs but you can be ready if you sadly find yourself fending them off.

Remember, take a deep breath, you will get through. Select the RIGHT company for the RIGHT reasons.

Good Luck and Let us know if you should need anything.

We are always here to help.



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