What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Our Clients have so many questions when we first speak.  They come armed with #knowledge from many different sources. Some come knowing the facts.  Others come to find that most of the  internet, “experts’ are full of Bed Bug poop!

Here are some of the most commonly passed around Bed Bug #Myths passed around the internet:

1.  Placing your clothing in garbage bags and placing them in your garage be it cold or hot will do nothing to ensure you will become #bedbug free.


2.  Dryer sheets my make you feel like your sleeping on the beach but they won’t keep Bed Bugs away (or kill them).


3.  Moths balls not only SMELL horribly but they are also harmful to children. Unfortunately they are not a weapon in fending off bed bugs.


4.  Stocking up on Ivory soap.  Bars of Soap placed in and around your #bed won’t keep them away either.


5.   I pop my popcorn in my microwave and kill bed bugs in there too.  DON’T DO THIS! Please promise you won’t try to put your favorite pocketbook in your microwave.

Some of these do it yourself remedies listed might sound funny but they are all currently being offered as advice on the world wide web.  My grandmother always used to say to me, “do it correct the first time or you will have to do it again”.  This never is more truthful now.  Seek advice from a trusted source.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us at anytime.  We are always here to help.

Stay Educated and Stay Bed Bug Free!





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